Sairat Meme Templates


Sairat is a 2016 blockbuster Marathi romantic drama movie starring Rinku Rajguru and Akash Thosarin their debuts. Sairat Marathi Movie is Directed by National Award-winning director Nagraj Manjule, it is the first Marathi film to gross over 100 crores worldwide at the box office. The movie was shot in Solapur Maharashtra where two young college students Archi, a local politician’s daughter, and Parshya, a fisherman’s son, fall in love resulting in conflict between the families due to the stringent casteism in the village. The film was remade in several languages like Dhadak (2018) in Hindi, Noor Jahaan (2018) in Bengali, Manasu Mallige (2017) in Kannada, Laila O Laila (2017) in Odia, and Channa Mereya (2017) in Punjabi.

This is one of the epic movie in the Marathi Cinema industry. The cinematography by Sudhakar Reddy Yakkanti, and songs with one of the best pieces of music ever created by Marathi’s favorite duo Ajay-Atul.

Sairat movie is full of funny moments with some superhit dialogues which are used in various Marathi Memes!

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Check out Sairat Meme Templates And Dialogues :

Rinku Rajguru as Archana “Archi” Patil


Marathit Sangitlela Kalta Ka Tula Ki English Madhe Sangu?

Sairat Meme Templates    Archi Sairat Dialogue


Sairat Meme Templates

Sairat Meme Templates



Akash Thosar as Prashant “Parshya” Kale


Sorry Sorry Mala Mahitich Navta Baghitlach Nahi Me

Sairat Movie Dialogues    Parshya Sairat dialogue


Sairat Movie Dialogues    Sairat Dialogues

Kay Mhanali Archi? Baher Nigh

Sairat Meme Templates



Tanaji Galgunde as Pradeep Bansode (Langdya/Balya)

Tuza Jagun Tari Kay Upyog Badhadya

Sairat Movie Templates    Sairat Marathi Dialogues


Apli Sagli Ijjat Tuzya Hatat Hay Laka

Sairat Meme Templates    Sairat Marathi Dialogues

Nasto Mel Lagat Laka Jaudya

Langdya Sairat Meme Template    Sairat Famous Dialogues


Nagraj Manjule as a cricket commentator


Hukla Tar Mukla Thokla Tar Jinkla

Sairat Meme Templates    Sairat Movie Meme Templates


Ekach Fight An Vatavaran Tight

Nagraj Manjule Meme Template

Ek Number Jaal Dhur Sangatach Dhurala

Sairat Movie Templates



Suresh Vishwakarma as Tatya, Archi’s father


Kunachya Budakhali Kiti Andhar Haay Hey Samdya Talukyala Mahitiye

Sairat Meme Templates    Sairat Marathi Dialogue


Deposit Japta Zalya Bagar Rahnar Naay

Sairat Movie Meme Templates    Sairat Funny Dialogues


Badya Badya Bata Dhungan Khatay Latha

Marathi Movie Dialogues    Sairat film Dialogue


Sambhaji Tangde as Parshya’s father 


Amchya Sarkhi Zak Naka Maru

Sairat Meme Templates    Sairat Marathi Dialogue


Kay Chavla Bivla Ki Kay Tyala

Sairat Meme Templates    Sairat Movie Dialogues



Arbaz Shaikh as Salim Shaikh


Mala Tar Tichyakade Baghaycha Jari Mhanla NaTari Angavar Katach Yeto

Sairat Marathi Movie Dialogues    Sairat Dialogues