Jatra Meme Templates

Jatra Marathi movie is released in 2006. a comedy film directed by Kedar Shinde.

After getting their Mumbai-based underworld boss, Ramdas Mali (Upendra Limaye) is arrested for attempting to abduct Mumbai’s DCP Madhav Sakharkhande (Viju Khote), Mohan (Bharat Jadhav), Siddhu (Siddharth Jadhav), and their lazy friends Kushya (Kushal Badrike ), Sanjya (Sanjay Khapre). He is unable to pay rent to their landlord, Shiva Kanhole (Vijay Chavan), and decides to take to crime after watching ‘Dhoom’, and ‘Hera Pheri‘. Both capers comically fail, and the duo ends up stealing a car, which stalls just about 100 kilometers from Solapur. Before they could get there, both get abducted by rival residents of Hyalagaad and Tyalagaad and must compete in the 100th Bhagwan Shri Bhairavnath Jatra – and as per the past tradition and custom – only one of them can survive this fierce competition.

These super funny Jatra Movie dialogues are used in Jatra Meme Templates!

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Here are the Jatra Meme Templates And Movie Dialogues :



Upendra Limaye as Ramdas Mali


Sholid daring keli tumhi 

Jatra Marathi Movie Meme Templates

Nave ahet pan chave ahet (Mali Gang)

Upendra Limaye Jatra Meme Templates


Bharat Jadhav as Monya


Bhai tyachya pasun dhoka ae 

Jatra Meme Templates

Amhi game karnarach hoto pan sagla game tyanech firvla

Jatra Marathi Movie Meme Templates


Ithe mazi identity she

Bharat jadhav Jatra meme templates

Ek rupayache chane day

Jatra meme templates

Apyash hi yashachi pahili payri taste

Jatra meme templates

Te tumchyakade mhanat astil amchyakade nahi

Jatra meme templates



Siddharth Jadhav as Siddhu


Tumhi kharach great ahat pan ata khup zop yetey 

Jatra Marathi Movie Meme Templates


Aaila nahi dyayche swatahakade thevayche

Jatra Marathi Movie Meme Templates


Mahitiye mala plan fastat pan evdhe fastat

Siddharth Jadhav Jatra Meme Templates


Sanjay Khapre (Sanjya)

Are bhog ahet aplya karmache kay mhanaycha data 

Jatra Marathi Movie Meme Templates


Kushal Badrike as Kushya

Paluya na

Kushal Badrike Jatra Meme Templates



Vijay Chavan as Kanhole


Tharva ani mag kalva 

Jatra Marathi Movie Meme Templates

Janmala alyapasun ekach shabda bolto

Jatra meme templates


Priya Berde as Bakulabai / Akka


Dushman gavacha nav gheto

Jatra Marathi Movie Meme Templates



Tyo balicha bakra hay 

Jatra Marathi Movie Meme Templates


Kranti Redkar as Shevanta


Tomna maraycha kam nay ha

Jatra Marathi Movie Meme Templates